Zack & Vanessa

Zack & Vanessa

Zack Richard (Canada) & Vanessa Granjon (France)

Vanessa Granjon, passionate little ball of fury, has been dancing for more than 15 years all across Europe. Her dancing could best be describe as « utterly awesome », and has gathered her many podiums around the world, including a second place with partner Zack Richard in the Showcase at All Balboa Weekend 2012, a 2nd place int he Balboa Strictly division at the ESDC 2012, and a slew of Jack & Jill titles, which says a lot about her ability to bring the best out of any partner she comes across. Her style is dynamic, musical and creative, always pushing the boundaries of what can be done. An enthusiastic and experienced teacher, she knows how to bring out the little details that make all the difference.

Zack has been the director of Swing ConneXion, a Montreal dance school, since 2005, and has lead many teams on the highest steps of podiums worldwide. An international Lindy Hop and Balboa teacher for the best part of the last fifteen years, he is a literal tornado of creativity and musicality, praised for his original, fun movement that often breaks out of convention. Having won many competitions over his career, and taught in most parts of the civilized (and less civilized) world, his vast experience as a teacher will take you to places you didn’t think you could go. A multi-talented guy, he has also MC’ed major events such as Balboa on the Promenade and the Rock Swing Boogie Festival.

Zack & Vanessa met each other for the first time in 2008. Their complementarity and fun when dancing together brought them to teach and participate in major international events with an great success. Their style is all about striking a delicate balance between old school aesthetic and modern technique. Both enthusiastic teachers, their classes reflect their deep knowledge of dance dynamics.