Competitions are free of charge for people who registered for a Pass and open to everybody on spot with a registration fee of 10€.

  • BOTP Classic Balboa Championship (Amateur and Open) : couple registrations
  • BOTP Mix & Match (Amateur and Open) : individual registration (without partner)


In both types you will need to improvise on recorded musics or live musics for finals.

Only amateurs can register for Amateur BOTP CBC or Mix & Match. Everyone can register for Open (or Pro) BOTP CBC or Mix & Match.

To be consider as Amateur during BOTP X competitions, you must comply with the following conditions :

  • Your salary from your Balboa class (or any other form of swing dance) must not represent more than 50% of your incomes.

  • You must not have been qualified in the final in another Balboa international competition the last 2 years.


Note that the final decision to allow someone to register as an amateur remains at the discretion of the BOTP Competition Committee. In case of modification of your registration, you will be warned before the competitions.

Preliminary rounds will be on Friday night and finals in the early evening of Saturday. The results will be announced during the Saturday evening.

D day
17:00 - 02:00
Doors opening

Doors opening on Friday 10th around 17h for check in. Last party on Sunday 12th evening at 22h.