Our BOTP X Master DJ

Sandrine Gressier

Without her or almost, no BOTP. Our master DJ master will ensure the smooth running of our evenings for your enjoyment!

Sandrine has been dancing Lindy Hop and Balboa since 2003. Her passion for Swing pushed her to listen to artists like Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Jan Savitt, Chick Webb … and many more !!! Sounds that crack and take you to the guts … and give you a desire … Dance until exhaustion!

It appears on turntables as a Master DJ or DJ Guest, international events such as: All Balboa Weekend (Cleveland, US), Montreal Balboa Revue (Canada), Camp Hollywood (Los Angeles, US), Barswingona ( Spain), GNSH (London, UK), Balboa on The Promenade (Cannes), Frenchi Balboa Festival (Toulouse), GSDF and GLX (Grenoble), Provence Swing Festival (Marseille), Rock Swing Boogie RDV (Laguiole), Capital Swing and PBSF (Paris), …

If you want to insure a set during our festival you can contact her directly via her e-mail address: