Pricing conditions

Over the Ocean discount :

For all Countries « over oceans » (from other continents or really over oceans : Atlantic, Pacific,..) the price on the Week Pass only will get a discount.

Rq: England or Israel are over the sea and not Ocean!


Group discount :

The leader of the group must create his complete group before his own registration.

The leader must get the family name and first name of all the people in his group and apply the following rules :

  • The group discount is applicable only with Week Pass
  • A group must be composed with people from the same country only
  • Be a minimum of 10 people (including the group leader)
  • For each follower register in one level you must have at least one leader register in the same level (it means that you can have more leaders but not more followers. If you are more than 10, we can accept one or two followers but not more)
  • The group price is applicable at the group creation date
  • Group price is confirmed when every member has paid his registration (if one person will not show up or cancelled his registration without being replaced, the group price will be cancelled)

After the validation of the leader’s form, each member of the group will receive his own confirmation code by email to be filled during his registration.


Cancellation policy :

We will not insure any cancellation refund.

You can call your regular insurance in your country to request a dedicated quotation for this trip. All the worldwide insurance companies provide this service.

For a small price between the conditions of refund you will choose, you can insure a part or all the expense you are going to pay for the BOTP (Flights, Accomodation, Workshop, …).

In any case and moreover if you choose not to take any personnal insurance for BOTP, you agree the fact that you will not receive any refund for the BOTP organization after the payment of your registration. If you need to cancel or be refunded , you have to contact directly your insurance.